Will Billy Donavan Be Coaching the NBA All Star West Team in Charlotte 2017?

Billy Donovan is looking like a genius right now. He almost went into coaching the NBA with the Orlando Magic a few years ago. He decided not to because he knew the franchise would probably be losing Dwight Howard. He looks like a genius for doing that. He waited around for the right NBA situation and Oklahoma City Thunder came calling. The OKC team has Durant and Westbrook arguably the best players in the league. With the Western Conference being very tough with San Antonio and Golden State he pulled into the playoffs with the #3 seed. He outcoached Greg Popovich to reach the NBA Western Finals. Now he is outcoached Steve Kerr to make the all time regular season record holders look ready for an early vacation. I think OKC will have the best record leading into the 2016-2017 NBA All Star Game. The NBA All Star Weekend in Charlotte would be a great place for Billy Donovan to make his All-Star Coach debut. He definetely deserves it.