Steph Curry To Play With LeBron James Likely in 2019 NBA All-Star Game Charlotte

Last year, LeBron James was the captain of one of the all-star teams because he was the top vote-getter in the Eastern Conference. Now, with LeBron signing with Lakers in Western Conference, it is going to be very interesting to predict the captain from the Eastern Conference. Who do you guys think it will be? My bet is on Milwaukee Bucks Greek Freak. So, it is very likely Stephen Curry and LeBron playing for the same team. Steph Curry will probably get the most All-Star votes with the best record so he will select first. If he doesn't select LeBron James and selects Kevin Durant.....Wow! Even if Eastern Conference gets first pick and they select Kevin Durant first. Storylines. Storylines. Storylines. 

I know Steph Curry and LeBron James will want to come out and win for their respective team. Nobody wants to lose. These guys like to compete and have bragging rights. I can't wait to see the teams and the game. Great move by the NBA to switch this when it's obvious the Western Conference is much better than east. 

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