Sign Petition to Ban Shaq From Judging The Slam Dunk Contest in Charlotte and Beyond

Shaq hosts a show on TNT called Shaq'tin a fool, but the only fool in Toronto for NBA All Star Saturday night was Shaq when he gave a 9 to Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine during the Dunk Contest. We think Shaq should be banned for life from Judging the dunk contest. Why is he even a Judge? Click here to sign the petition to ban him from judging at 2017 NBA All Star Weekend Charlotte

Aaron Gordon has said he will participate in the 2017 Slam Dunk Contest again to take the title away from Zach LaVine the 2-time defending champ. Many people feel the Orlando Magic Aaron Gordon got robbed and should have won when he put the ball under his legs from the mascot.