NBA 2016 Season is Over - Cavs are Champions - They Won't Party Again Like This Until NBA All Star Weekend

Well the NBA is officially over for the 2016 season and despite the record regular season the Golden State Warriors fell short to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now Steph Curry wife may have it right with the NBA is rigged tweet. I mean how fitting the 3 game comeback for LeBron to look like a King and bring a championship to his hometown. The touch fouls. Not to mention each game was a blow out but game 7 goes down to the wire. The bottom line is Cleveland is Champions and nothing we can do about it. They celebrated in Vegas after the win at XS VIP Bottle Service at the Wynn hotel. Now you can see in the picture JR Smith partying hard. The next time you will see all the NBA players partying hard together will be at NBA All Star Weekend 2017. This February the clubs around Charlotte will be packed and the champagne flowing. Book your tickets now and travel and party with the best players in the World. This is the one time of the year and only one time of the year that all the best players in the World are in one place. Visit