Michael Jordan Confirms Attending Hip Hop Party With Jay-z - Will Possible Have 3 Kings Dinner in Charlotte!

Here is an article from the score about how MJ probably is a hater of HIP HOP from N.O.R.E.

Look the legend of basketball may or may not be a fan of hip hop; however, his legacy has turned the hip hop nation into must have sneakers and raps. Jordan will be hosting the NBA All Star Weekend in Charlotte in 2017. This is the one time a year all the best basketball players come into one arena. But also a series of events happen with hip hop artists performing. Drake himself is signed to the jumpman brand and has his own sneakers to go with. 

If you see the picture above you notice MJ with Jay-z in 2002 and both look A LOT YOUNGER. It's rumored that Jay-z and Lebron James will do the annual 2 kings dinner as they do every year for NBA All Star Weekend, but we hear this year will be the 3 kings dinner with MJ at the realm. Why wouldn't he be? He is the best player of all time.