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15 February

Sign Petition to Ban Shaq From Judging The Slam Dunk Contest in Charlotte and Beyond

Shaq hosts a show on TNT called Shaq'tin a fool, but the only fool in Toronto for NBA All Star Saturday night was Shaq when he gave a 9 to Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine during the Dunk Contest. We think Shaq should be banned for life from Judging the dunk contest. Why is he even a Judge? Click here to sign the petition to ban him from judging at 2017 NBA All Star Weekend Charlotte

13 July

EXCLUSIVE: Cost, controversy worried Charlotte elected officials in NBA talks

Charlotte elected officials worried aloud during closed-door meetings about spending $600,000 worth of taxpayer money to lure the NBA All-Star Game at the same time they were considering — and later approved — an increase in local property taxes, according to newly released transcripts obtained by the Charlotte Business Journal

05 July

NBA All Star Weekend Returning to Charlotte For First Time Since 1991

2017 will bring back memories for me from 1991 - the first experience I had with the NBA All Star Weekend. I still have the ticket from the 1991 NBA All Star Game in Charlotte. I remember seeing Fresh Prince Will Smith at the game. It was crazy. He signed my ticket "FRESH PRINCE" this was before his show was a success or he was biggest movie star on planet.


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