Will Damian Lillard AKA Dame Dolla be playing in the All-Star Game in Charlotte or the Halftime Performance?

Damian Lillard is most known for heating up the court in Portland with tough buckets. However, he’s also a really good rapper, especially for someone who doesn’t do it full time. “Dame Dolla” had his first live rap concert Friday night to celebrate his 26th birthday and according to all attendees on social media, it wasLIT!

At the concert he brought his teammate CJ McCollum and fellow NBA player Tim Frazier on stage with him when he was dropping bars. He’s showed off his rapping skills in State Farm commercials and on radio shows but this was his first time showing off his real skills as a rapper live. Many other NBA stars like Shaq and Chris Webber have dabbled in the rap game, but Dame might be the best rapper amongst all past and present NBA stars.

The question is will Dame be playing in the 2017 NBA All Star Weekend or performing at half?  

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