NBA All Star Weekend 2017 Moves to Charlotte in 2019 - Michael Jordan Reacts

The NBA is moving the All Star Weekend 2017 from Charlotte, NC over a bathroom bill. Make sure you understand that the NBA keeps the Michael Jordan owned franchise in the State. Just moving the All-Star Weekend. Telling you that they will continue to take North Carolina money from season ticket holders et cetera, but they want to take a stance on this. Further, NBA and China is a great partnership. China has the WORSE human laws on the face of the earth. Lastly, the Orlando, Florida franchise owned by the Devoss family has contributed millions of dollars to people who are against these same laws. 

Charlotte will host the NBA All Star Weekend again in 2019. I guess that is if they get thier act together? The people who take office in 2018 will make this right, and Charlotte All Star Weekend 2019 will have transgenders using either bathroom. Well for your parents in the greater Charlotte area and purchased tickets and told your kids they could see all the greatest basketball players on earth, good luck with the talk about this change to 2019. That the powers that be will be moving the All-Star game because pedophiles might be in girls bathrooms. That kids need to get used to the "MODERN" family.